My name is Victor Medeiros, I’m 22 years old and I live in Brazil. I was born and raised in Pernambuco. I’m a lover of life, nature and art – I always look for exploring each of them to the fullest. Currently, I work and study photographic language, a subject that I am passionate about and that is a source of inspiration. This passion has lead me to star a project named “Body is Art”, in which I have found myself in the arts world.

Everything stated spontaneously. I have always admired the human body, for its expressions and tiny details. One day, just for fun and during an artistic experiment, I invited a female friend of mine to be photographed. The artistic proposal was to do an artistic nude. It was the first time that I’ve photographed a body as art. Because I didn’t had the right photographic equipment, the photos were made with my cell phone. Honestly, I was so happy with the final, edited, result that I did not feel the urge to immediately purchase any photographic equipment. From then, I started to invite friends of both genders to be photographed under the same artistic proposal, although under different project ideas. That’s how the project “Body is Art” was born.

My inspiration is purely the human body, its essence. The artistic language is mixed with the body language. “Body is Art”, was created with the intent to show the essence of the human body, in a free, spontaneous and natural manner. To showcase nudity in a broad dimension and as an expression of different concepts and body-mind. To showcase the human body is to go beyond its sexual aspect, imposed by society. Without preconceptions, what I intend to showcase is the difference that exists in each and every physical body, to showcase that there’s no need to get hooked up on the “ideal physic”. We’re all beautiful and we are all art, that’s what I intend to showcase through photography. 

What has inspired me the most in this work is to make accept not only the others, but also themselves. It’s to given them a new perception of themselves. If they embrace and accept their bodies as they truly are, in a free, non-stereotypical and taboo-free way.With this project, I’ve had the opportunity to meet new people, get to know new stories, new places and new ways of creating art. I’m very happy with all the momentum that this project has been gaining and that I feel even more inspired to continue to do it. It’s a project that goes beyond a compute click. This is a project that transforms into friendship, love, pleasure, satisfaction and motivation. It’s really positive and uplifting to have lived all these memorable moments though “Body [being] is Art”.  

Victor’s work was published in Tale of Men Magazine Issue 1

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