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Florian, veterinary student, I’m 23, soon 24 and I’m a guy who loves other guys; basically an ordinary guy! I’ve never had a problem with my family or my friends, while many others in the same context have been thrown out of their “home” or all their friends have turned their backs … One should explain to me once and for all why there is a change of perception as soon as people are aware of what one “really” is … We didn’t change , but now outsiders allow themselves to imagine our private life, in short what is happening in our bed…

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When you think about it, just before this “coming-out” nobody thought about what one was doing at night in bed and with whom … I think that human stupidity will always remain present and that change, the novelty in the daily life of Mr / Mrs Everyone will always be scary! And what do people when they are afraid? They reject, keep a distance and try to forget this “unconventional” situation, tell themselves that it does not exist … While unfortunately for them, and fortunately for most others, we exist and that’s what is beautiful !

As a result, I, the mundane guy, from the top of my 23 years, I can say that I am lucky to live in the family that I have with the friends I currently have! Since my “coming out of the closet” 8 years ago, I have never had any reproach, misplaced looks or abandonment from them. I think I can consider myself lucky to have never experienced discrimination until now … Well, as the saying goes, never say “never”, I’m just starting my life and I think there are still a lot of events in my future life that will put me to the test. You just have to know that when you’re well surrounded, I believe that you can overcome everything, knowing that you’re loved and supported. I wish all those people who are still looking for a way to make their entourage understand what they really are, to all those who take full responsibility but who are not accepted as they are, to one day find it’s not up to them to change, it’s just that those people who reject them and do not like them enough to overcome this slight detail that apparently makes all the difference … In a nutshell I will just quote this beautiful phrase that I think to be so very true: “If you do not love me; others will do it instead “

I do not think I’m an extrovert guy, a stereotype of the gay world as we see it everywhere in movies, series, ads, … And I must admit that I do not feel  bad about it, I do not see the point of shouting on all roofs that I prefer guys to girls! I do not like being associated with a group of people, being put in a box (as they say a lot today), I’m just me. Me, a ginger, curious, talkative, sometimes (see often) jealous guy, trying to get on with his little student life and just trying to solve his personal problems.

So, on top of that I do not need a fucking label of a community that no one asked me to join and that will cause a restlessness I could do without. I have my own demons to fight, like self-confidence or the lack of confidence in the other during a relationship, which, I remind you, usually does not allow the couple to flourish well and last if it is not acquired, I know it from experience… This lack of confidence in myself is noticeable mainly by the lack of acceptance of my own body, which, strictly speaking, I do not like to expose. I really struggle with the perception from others and the “what others think of me”. I know, it’s really not good to live this way in function of what others think of me, it’s worth living for yourself but unfortunately it’s always easier said than done! But I think I am, on my way to succeed in taming my little problems and come to live calmly and accept myself COMPLETELY, with my qualities and faults, simply all of me.