By the time that these pictures were taken, I had started seeing this guy…
He’s blond with super intense blue eyes…
He has a beard that goes from blond to red that make his whole face perfect…

I knew from the beginning that he would send me to therapy.

We use to have sex for hours and at anywhere …
At the movies, in different clubs, even in an art gallery (we weren’t the only ones)

I can’t forget his face, I used to say to him “it can switch to this pig mode, him becoming the nastiest pig I’ll ever seen, dropping saliva and his expressions telling me that ‘I want you and I’ll destroy you ..’ “

Gosh, I get hard only by thinking about those moments

There was one night when we went to a club, got super horny on the dance floor, then we hit the bathroom and suck each other’s dick. We went back to the dance floor and kept Dancing.. we couldn’t stop looking at each other in such a passionate way..

We finally went home, with an uncontrollable sexual desire.
We were walking, stopping in dark corners and sucking each other.
When we finally got home, we got naked in two seconds.
I started licking his entire body, his armpits… he got super kinky about that part..
I went down, licking his belly, his v shape.
I made him turn, started licking and giving him little bite on his back, I went down and started eating his ass, his glorious ass.

When I was about to penetrate him, when he turned around, grabbed my neck with one hand, with force.
He spit on his other hand… put the spit in my ass and started to penetrate me…
I was so horny and even it was hurting me, I couldn’t say no.. I wanted more.

He fucked me for at least half an hour.
With my legs on his shoulders, choking me, spiting on me and even giving me a few slaps in my face.
We were hugging the whole time.
Grabbing each other’s face.
Making eye contact..

He came inside me, it was amazing
Seeing his face of pure pleasure…
I was close, so he kept on going.
When I was coming, he started screaming.. It was his second load…

I was very surprised.. it make it more special..
He stopped moving, but didn’t pull it out…
His dick was still super hard.

We kept looking at each other
We kissed a lot with passioin that drove me mad!
Then he started moving again.. I was shocked.
He got into the pig mode again.. and fucked me sooo hard… it lasted like 5 minutes
And then he came for the 3rd time…

He dropped into my chest and I hugged him.
His heart was about to leave his chest.

We fall asleep..
His head was on my chest, after two hours I needed to move to change positions.. so I woke him up gently…

I can’t forget what he told me at that moment.. “no please, don’t make a move… I’m super comfortable on your chest..” and then he hold me to lie there.

We stop dating.. I’m still in love.