I think we all feel special in some way. We think we have some superpower or some special ability. In my case I always managed to see things in a different way, then I realized that it was not a different way but an altered way.

I had always seen the outlines of figures as if they were vibrating and I saw several superimposed images.

This carried over into my drawing, and my art was characterized by a myriad of lines forming figures in whose contours the movement seemed almost discernible.

It was not until six years ago that these problems began to become more exaggerated.

I began to notice great difficulty in reading certain texts with unusual words that my brain could not understand and I invented others that made a minimum of sense.

Little by little this difficulty was transferred to any type of reading. My great hobby in my free time, which was to lose myself in the worlds invented by the great authors, became more and more difficult, tiring and physically and mentally painful. More than two years ago I had to give up reading anything I could except for work. It was no longer a pleasure to lose myself in the pages of a book.

The concentration I needed to draw increased day by day. What I used to be able to do in a few minutes was gradually taking me hours or even days to complete.

An illness came from China, and we had to be locked up for several months.

And when we came out, my vision problems seemed to have radically increased.

The light bothered me in a way it had never bothered me before.

On TV they said it was a relatively common thing that would go away in a few weeks.

But it didn’t. That summer, I could no longer go places alone.

From then on I always had to be accompanied by someone else, or memorize the route to know how to get there without incident.

It wasn’t until last year that I finally found help for all these problems.

The national organization for the blind in my country opened the door to help me to overcome the hard road I was going through during these last years.

Their help was indispensable for me, it has made me have enthusiasm for things again, to read in a different way, through audiobooks.

To want to draw again, even if I have to do it in a different way or it takes more time. Helping me to use a cane so that I can walk down the street safely.

Teaching me how to adapt my house to my new situation.

Despite all this, life is still hard, some days are darker than others, but in the last few weeks, I can see things from a different point of view (let me be funny about that).