My name is Corentin and I am 25 years of age.  I am someone who is rather shy, solitary, and introvert. I find it a bit difficult to express my feelings. I am certainly not the type who likes to talk, and even less to talk about myself.

I used to be a big boy, overweight, but around 17-18 years old, I told myself that it had to change. I had to lose weight. So suddenly, I started a drastic diet. In fact, I almost ate nothing. I only had breakfast, very little at lunch and in the evening only 2 rice crackers. With this diet, I lost 25 kilos in 5 months. After losing weight, I became really thin, then I searched for different information on gaining “good” weight, namely muscles, which also made me realise that the diet I had followed before was actually bad. Then I started bodybuilding.

Seeing my body transforming by doing sports and following a diet, I started to feel better in my skin. The insults I was enduring before, like I was a big fat whale out of the sea, started to disappear. And now I don’t care anymore about the mocking and the teasing laughter.The more I went to the gym, the more I felt better about myself and also with other people. The bodybuilding was my salvation. It made me feel so much at ease that I went for the competition. In may 2016 I felt for the first time what it meant to show my hard work, my fierce effort to an audience.

Of course my physical transformation played a big role in the change of my life. Later I started to make pics of myself and ended up putting them on my Instagram account. After some time I was contacted by a photographers for a photo shoot. During my first photo shoot, I don’t remember the details very well anymore, I refused to take off my clothes in the beginning but when I saw the photos I felt more confident and accepted to take of my shirt. Later on I also took off my pants and I was speechless when I saw the pics. That is why I continued to accept photo shoots, the surprise to see myself in a new way reflected on the photographs. 

Besides photo shoots something else has happened in my life. When I was 22 I started to question my sexual orientation. I realised that I was not interested in women and I did my coming out. That was a great help for me. I felt very relieved liken weight was lifted from my shoulders. I felt so much lighter. After my coming out I started to go out and met a lot of nice guys. The important thing is that, whatever happens, I will always stay myself.