Today it has been exactly two years since I arrived in this city, Madrid. I come from Barcelona and for a long time I wanted to leave my city, my comfort zone and also a place where many things were somewhat stagnant. The day someone told me that he was leaving his room in his apartment in Madrid, I did not hesitate for a moment and without thinking about it I was already settled in Madrid, my new place. Almost without meeting anyone, the fact of being in a new place opens your mind and your energy changes, you become receptive and eager to discover new sensations.

The first weeks a lot of things happened, my energy was high and I just wanted to feel the city through all my pores. I did not cut myself at any time to go into any place that could offer me something, I was open above all to the pleasure of feeling. If Madrid has something, you can get all that on any day of the week.

I discovered new people, new places and above all I opened the door to discover more about myself. Feel free to perhaps take all these pleasures to the extreme. I had a few months before the pandemic began to enjoy all this without any restrictions, and I still remember that feeling that invaded me at that time of feeling life at its maximum intensity and wanting to devour everything. There are many stories that I could tell about all this, many of them have to do with encounters between strangers, of channeling my desires through the sensual. Something that also helped me to discover my limits for better and for worse and also to show my most animal and also the most authentic part.

I remember the first day arriving in Madrid after five hours traveling by car with my brother and settling in the apartment, the next day in the afternoon I had my first date with a couple who lived five minutes from my house, and I had my first experience In this crazy city, I was in that house until the next morning and the connection with that couple was absolute. It was not only sex, it was also meeting people, letting go, laughing and enjoying the moment. It was all very natural and there were very sexy moments, the two were very different but the energy was perfect, I was really enjoying having sex with them and being myself, that’s how I met them, at their house spending more than 12 hours together. Madrid never sleeps.