“It all starts in October in Paris.  Our meeting takes place in a hotel room.  The first feeling is strange.  It’s like the first time.  After exchanges online, it is finally the time to meet, from the virtual to the real. It’s difficult to meet someone you don’t know for the first time, especially with the company of a photographer by your side. The chemistry has to work and you have to feel comfortable.

What is surprising is that I am more and more in agreement with myself, and yet before the meeting, I question myself about myself, about the image that I project.  Although it’s just a photoshoot, I wonder if I’m going to please “them”!? If the photographer is not going to be disappointed?  There is a bit of stress. 

Here we are, three of us, in this room. To break the ice, we start with a beer and we exchange with banalities then very quickly we undress. Soon we are naked, face to face. We are getting closer, putting our hands on each other’s bodies. I feel my sex harden very quickly. I’m excited by the situation and I’m showing off.

I like to get naked in front of the world watching me.  That’s probably why I like to take pictures. But first I feel a bit of discomfort. I dare not touch him.  I can’t relax.  But slowly a bond is created.  H puts me at ease. We then give way to an intimacy that evolves as minutes pass by. It’s hard to let go. So I decide to live in the moment.  

Here and now. I’ve only known my partner for an hour and yet looks are enough to understand what the other person feels, even though we’re intimidated, we caress each other, we touch each other, our hands brush against our sex…then naturally with our looks, our eyes that meet and the intensity that only increases to give way to the wild and human drive. Once the lips are against each other, desire and temptation take over.  

We forget what is happening around and we let our impulses speak.  We kiss and our cocks are hard. We succumb to the urge to suck and take each other and get lost in the uncontrollable sexual desire.