One of my fantasies has always been to masturbate with nature. When I arrive at an inhospitable place of desire, pleasure invades me by setting fire.

Just like a well-endowed, sexy and seductive man, nature presents you with her charms, the more she has to offer the more interest you will have in her.

I remember the search of desire in Foz de Iguazu, between Argentina and Brazil, lost among the vegetation, the humidity and the sounds of wild animals, walking barefoot, without a T-shirt, just with my summer shorts, easy to take off, I felt the warm blood in my body, the environment already made me feel hot, only missing the last detail that made that moment of heat unique.

A little further into the jungle, and there it was, behind the trees and vines in the style of Tarzan, a waterfall several meters high, I pressed firmly with my hands the thick branches of a tree that overlooked the void, I contemplated that landscape, and in a matter of seconds, the breeze of the waterfall touching my face, the heat of the jungle caressing my neck mixed with the noise of wild animals and insects, I was aroused, with an erection hard enough to start touching softly between my legs with one of my hands, while like a leopard licking my warm tongue over one of my armpits. I undress completely, feeling in full the wildness of that place and my veins burn in desire.

I began to masturbate, using my saliva to lubricate and slowly running my foreskin back and forth, slowly feeling the strength of my erection in my right hand, while with the other hand I firmly held onto a branch to keep myself from falling.

All the elements made my skin sensitive and attentive to every reflection, every pore looked like a carnivorous flower ready to devour every caress. My wild tongue sought to fill all the empty spaces in my body, while my hand squeezed hard my well-lubricated and erected cock, together with my hard testicles. The tremor of the heat, the cliff, the waterfall, the jungle and the animals, all together in a great moan of pleasure, my semen jumped white and thick, joining ferociously the heart of the jungle.

When I returned to the camp, after my jungle adventure, the sun was already falling behind me, the humid air and the mosquitoes were following me everywhere, I was sweating with a certain longing for sex, and to calm it down, what better than a good shower.

Arriving at the showers, I always took a look to see if I was alone or someone else would be around, they were so far away from the camp that I always fantasized about a good porn moment, but I wasn’t lucky enough, I always crossed the father of the family who was good at barbecuing or the handsome guy who was only interested in women, but that evening I didn’t even run into them.

I looked for a shower at the end of the corridor, while I was installing my toiletries, I heard one of the showers right behind me, I got undressed and took the opportunity to look around, for my luck the curtain was drawn, and under the running water, an Apollonian body, dark and with long hair, let himself be soaked by passing his hands over his body. I watched him from head to toe, and right there I was struck by his gaze, a penetrating gaze that only made my sexual yearning even more aroused.

I stood there without saying anything, and it was enough that he extended his hand to let me be caught, the water now fell on our bodies, kissing us intensely, to the point of biting lips with the right precision, his firm hands grabbed my buttocks to make me feel his, I didn’t even know his name, but that wild reward of nature, was the fruit of the most delicious passion that I could taste in those trips through the Amazon.