Photographer: Xander Cruz

                     Instagram + Twitter: @xandercruzader


Model: Luismi

Instagram: @peroluismi

Estas expuesto,

¿A que le temes?

¿A ser vulnerable?

¿A los ojos que te juzgan?

¿A no llegar a las metas que te han impuesto?

Déjate llevar,

quítatelo todo,

juega a ser tú,

en femenino o en masculino,

toma ese camino que no te atreviste a tomar,

Tontea con las normas.

Todo sigue igual

pero ahora es diferente,

sigues expuesto

pero ahora es diferente.

Por: Luismi

(English Translation)

You are exposed,

What are you afraid of?

To be vulnerable?

Of the eyes that judge you?

Not reaching the goals that have been imposed on you?

Let yourself go,

Take it all off,

play with your role,

be it feminine or masculine,

take that path you didn’t dare to take,

Mess with the rules.

Everything remains the same

but now, it’s different,

you’re still exposed

But now, it’s different.

By: Luismi

(A little text regarding the censorship we are facing, the beauty of the body and nudity and my work)

Our bodies are being silenced and hidden. The LGBTQI+ bodies are the most affected. We are living in a world so much more liberal and open than ever before, but yet it is getting less liberal and free day by day. Heteronormativity is growing and spreading (across the internet and social media), and all to “protect the community”. Which community? And from what?

Let us celebrate our differences and our bodies. Let us pe proud of our sexuality and sensuality. Let us liberate ourself from the taboos. Sexuality and sensuality are vital for us as humans, they are part of us. They literally create us. They nourish us. They give us the power to explore, create, connect and feel.

In my work i explore the beauty of the male body, and all that it entails. I wanna show men, bare and vulnerable. Weak and strong. Soft and hard (literally, wink). There should be no shame around the beautiful bare form. Bringing sensuality and emotions in to the game when it comes to showing the nude body, wether it’s in a calm or erotic situation. Looking at it not just as a piece of meat, even when shot in a pornographic way.

As artist we have the possibility to show a different perspective on things. Let us utilise that, let us stand up and hold our fort strong. Not just for a community, for everyone. And not just artists, all of us, if we stick together, educate, stand strong and get naked, I believe that we can..


Xander Cruz