(Ark’s house, his cameras and some photos of him shot by a friend, his chair and sofa covered by white bedsheets next to the windows)

Photos by Ark Saroj

Website: https://arksarojdir.wixsite.com/arksaroj

Interview: Ark talks about being gay and giving tips for gay travellers to Thailand

I came across Ark’s work on IG when searching for potential contacts in Bangkok. I was immediately captured by his honest way of capturing intimacy and sensuality. Like the title of his book “Lust & Love” implies, sex (with emotions) is a focus in his work. He talked about the time he spent back in New York and its impact on his sex positive life-style and mindset. 

We met in his house on a hot afternoon in Bangkok. His house is like a warehouse, with several floors. “You live here alone?” I asked. “Yeah. I used to live in a condo in the city but I didn’t like it. This house is passed down from my parents to me. Now I live here on my own.” I recognized that lots of photos he took in his book were actually taken in this house. Lovers, dates, models travellers…. “Will you pose for me?” I asked. We hadn’t really talked about this but why not? He’s a care-free man who enjoys cameras. There are a lot of photos of him (selfportraits and with his subjects) in his photobook. “You are just like me. It’s our kink when we hold cameras.” He brutally said it. “Maybe just a little.” I laughed. 

Later that day, we talked about how difficult it was for artists like us to be recognized. I told him that his work should be known by more people because he deserved it. So if you guys ever visit Bangkok, make sure to grab his photobook “Lust & Love” at pulse.gallery or Open House Handcover artbookstore. He’s planning to publish a 2nd photobook soon. Based on a few photos that he showed to me, it’s going to be amazing too.