I have a twin brother. 

When you think about it, I’ve never been alone. We’ve always been super close. We were born the same but growing up I always knew that in my head I was different. 

As a child, I thought I was a woman. 

A beautiful woman, almost like a model on a catwalk; with long, shiny, oiled legs, high heels, long silky hair, and a satiny vermillion red dress that reaches down to the middle of my thighs. 

This is the dress I wear regularly in my head.

I remember, one day, I went to a playground with my mother. I was wearing a dress. 

I was playing around, having fun with all the other children. Until a little boy stopped me and said: 

“Why are you wearing a dress? Are you a boy or a girl?”

I didn’t understand yet that I had to choose. 

From then on, I told myself to be a “real boy.”

That was not always easy.

And It’s only while I came out that I felt better. 

Today, working as a performing artist brings me to a place of comfort where I’m allowed to be dressed the way I want. The stage is actually the place I feel safe, where I feel that my identity is strong and limitless. 

Yes, sometimes my sexuality still bothers me.

But I understand more and more that there is no difference in between the real world and the one on stage. 

So, I have one thing to say…