My name is Gauthier, I am 35 years old and I was born in Brussels in Uccle on September 26, 1984. Until my 22 years I lived a life full of all kinds of things, sometimes less good things and also extraordinary things but that year 2007 was going to change radically my life. I got to acknowledge very disturbing news, the kind of news that destroys you.

I took a hiv test with a friend who had asked me to accompany him for his blood test. It was an opportunity since the test is free. A week later we were back at the hospital of St Pierre to have our results. My friend went first to the nurse and he was immediately told that everything was fine. For me, however, it took longer.

A nurse and a psychologist where in the room and the nurse told me: “sir, your results are not good,you are séropositive”. My first reaction was to laugh before crying after doing the test again to be sure that the results were confirmed. And they were … The 6 months that followed this news were for me a period of intense depression. My life was over and I was going to die soon because I had no information on the subject.

When you are 22 years old and you are healthy you believe that it only happens to others …The naivety of youth is horrible and dangerous but above all the stupidity of ignorance and not informing oneself. It happened 12 years ago and today I live very well and my health is excellent. The HIV virus is undetectable since almost the start of the treatment thanks to the triple drug therapy.The virus can not be transmitted anymore and it is so weak that it is almost non-existent.It is a great scientific achievement that we can not transmit it thanks to the drugs. We can have a love life like everyone else.

Today I live very well and I have incredible friends and a family I can not dream better because of the love we share. I am lucky to have friends who have supported me, helped me morally when I was down… and I realized that even if life is sometimes difficult, you should never give up.My nature is to fight back but sometimes you need a helping hand to get back on your feet.I am not saying that I have already accomplished everything but today nothing is going to stop me from leading my life.