I still remember how exhausted I was just moments before we started the photoshoot. „ I haven’t had a break since this morning!“ is a typical lament of Croatian housewives and applies well to me in that moment. I wasn’t in the mood for cuddling and kissing at all. 

But in few minutes, as I started to feel presence of camera in action all around our bodies, tiredness disappeared. What happened before and what will happen later didn’t matter to me at all. I was just there. I felt very comfortable and super sexy in my body. All of a sudden, Nikola became a hot hook up I have picked up at beach an hour ago. Things escalated quickly as if camera was feeding my inner exhibitionist that finally got a chance to come to surface. Another me was making love to the body of a stranger. A bit frightening, yet a very thrilling combination.

I finally understood what it means to make love with camera, and it felt so rejuvenating. When Chris put the camera down, we felt energized like we spent few hours in a good spa. The night was young. We went out and danced until the dawn.


We’ve done photoshoots before so it was not a new experience for us – but this one was by far the most explicit one. On our way to the shooting, I wasn’t sure what to expect and how far was I willing to go – I figured the results would be mostly tame. Once we started, it took about five minutes to realise we were going deep into NSFW territory. The two of us felt the camera added a novel twist to our play – and at the same time, we completely forgot about it and acted as we would if we were alone. One could think that after seven years of relationship the initial energy wanes a bit – upon receiving the pics later, I found it obvious that the fire was very much still there. For me, romantic love is inseparable from sex (not the other way round, though!), and that’s exactly what these photos capture.