My first kiss with another man was in the bathroom of a bar.

I was around 18 and I had an uncontrollable desire to discover the gay world.

When I was a boy I went to a religious school exclusively for men. I didn´t like to play soccer unlike most of my classmates. I was a very introverted boy, surely because of the guilt of felling attracted to some young teachers and seminarians;  And also because of my fat.  I always tried to hide myself. It was hard for me to take off my t-shirt in the summer in front of my friends and family.

In my teens I discovered my hottest desires.

Once on vacation in the country, my family was sleeping and through the window I see the gardener cutting the grass, his torso was naked and sweaty.  I couldn’t stop admiring his beauty.   I immediately hid in the garage, leaving the door ajar so he could watch me jerk off. 

Some time later, I was going up the escalator of a recently opened shopping mall, full of people.  Suddenly, I discover that in my pants pocket someone had left me a piece of paper with his name and phone number on it.

I decided to call him and we met at that bar with the sole intention of following us to the bathroom to touch and kiss.

In my 20s, I met on the street the man who is my husband today. A few years later we decided to open up our relationship and we have been together for 30 years! We are not very jealous, we share experiences and also have some adventures separately.

Once, on a naturist beach in Brazil, I met a boy with a captivating smile and a beautiful body. He looked at me, I followed him and we ended up having sex in daylight, practically in full view of everyone.

For a couple of years when I went to the gym near my work, after training, I loved to relax for 30 minutes in the pool. But, in order to enter, we had to go through a medical check-up. Fortunately the doctor was a sexy young gay man. Every time I passed by his office, he would close the doors and check me completely with his hands and mouth.

One night after a birthday I decided to go home. It was very late, almost dawn, and it was near the station where the buses began their journey. I got in and sat in a solo seat, there were very few lights on. Then, at the first stop, a very attractive boy gets on. We looked at each other and he sat in a double seat.His eyes didn´t leave my side as he touched his bulge. I got very hot about the situation and I showed him my hard cock. I moved to the seat next to him and after a few blocks we had to interrupt because other people got on. We were having a great time.

I also had sexual and romantic encounters in the elevator and on the terrace of the building where I live.

These experiences marked my way of enjoying sex… kisses, caresses, tender encounters but at the same time morbid, as in some public places.

Today, without shame or complexes, I decide and enjoy showing my body.