Glutamate Inside-Out Monosodium Night

I remember the first time I visited a Chinese restaurant, it was an invitation from my father, since then I was captivated by Chinese food and also started to get interested in its culture; my memories were full of joyand delight. That particular fact always brings me a grateful approach to this culture. Over time, I was visiting many Chinese restaurants that were turning also in bars thanks to crisis in Venezuela, cheap beers and food; doing some research in my artistic work, I also realize that Chinese food was adapted to some tropical aspects according to the exchange of both cultures and betting to have more success in the country. As an artist, I was interested in all these aspects and aesthetic experiences, the taste of the food and imaging hybrid scenarios between China and Venezuela, which from a political point of view was happening as a consequence of socialism influences. Being different, feeling different, talking from a different point of view can represent a risk in some latitudes. Ajinomoto (Glutamate Monosodium) is used in different Chinese dishes, intensifying the taste of food, which I found political, powerful and erotic, feeling more and more attracted to Chinese food and products. This attraction becomes in interActions that are the core of my artistic work, there is always a relation between the context of the objects I interAct with and my personal approach, what they represent to me and also for society; the images produced are documents of the different  experiences. Further than objects, there is always a person involved, that night I received an invitation from Chris to get involved with Chinese products. Thanks to his background I could exchange experiences, memories, statements of our childhood, he from China and me from Venezuela, both internal and external points of view respectively.