Photo & Text by he_becomes

We met on Grindr.  What a surprise. But everything since then has been anything but cliche.  From our first date on the beaches of the Greek Islands, through Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, and back across Europe, my partner and I have lived about 20 years in the 4 years we’ve been together.

From beaches to mountains, through countless cities and endless countryside, from walking red carpets to being homeless on the streets, ours is a history of snapshots, both of memory and of film. 

Both of us photographers, we spend our time exploring the world, venturing out with an empty memory card and an unfulfilled fantasy and creating moments to fill both, the right light sparking a horniness that can only be released with the click of the shutter.

We find ourselves now in Malta. For how long, who knows? But with the world having shuttered to a stop, the usual hordes of tourists normally swarming to these sunny Mediterranean beaches are blissfully absent.  And we remain, like the rest of the world, waiting to see what happens next. 

But with newfound free time and an empty canvas of nature surrounding us, we’ve filled the days of isolation and social distancing with a renewed creativity.

Unpopular opinion: Art is an essential service.  Like the food and medicines we need to stay physically alive, I think beauty and creativity are just as vital for the feeding of the soul. 

Out of work and relying on government handouts like millions of others, my bank account may be empty, but my lust for expression and my laptop hard drive have never been more full.