I think everyone has a year that leaves a mark. That year is an inflection point in our lives. Of course, there may be many of them. Mine was in 2015, I was still studying at university. I started meeting boys that years, everything was happening really quickly. I still think that nowadays.

I also had my first boyfriend. I came out of the closet too with my family. I could not be happier with the support my mother gave me. I guess this was really important to me because I could really express myself. Everything was smoother. In fact, everything was starting to get better in my life, because in many aspects of it I was really me, finally!

I think we can never forget the first boyfriend… and the first boyfriend meeting. In my case, it was all intense, because I stayed at his home for 3 days or so. I came to visit his city in the summer. We really made many plans from the beginning, It was really nice by then.

It’s 2021 now and it’s been a while… Sometimes I ask myself if something like that could happen again soon. Or anytime. Don’t know.  Guess I’m more mature now and I have changed some thinking aspects in general! Anyway, I think as time goes by to fall in love is more difficult. We learn from the past. We try to not make the same mistakes. Or does this world, with easy sex, with easy meetings, make this more difficult? Never mind, I have always thought that It’s not the same to be single as to be alone. In my case, I have never been alone, but single 😛

Outside of the sentimental context, 2015 was also a really nice year in other aspects of my life. I met many new people. Interesting people. People who added and not subtracted. Guess this is an important detail.

Definitely, If I could travel in time and have the opportunity to go back that year, I would say to my old Jaime that I should not be too cautious. Or at least just a bit. If I would have been so much cautious before, I’m quite sure I would not be writing this story either and having the life I have now.

Time flies so fast…