When I was young I lacked a lot of self-confidence and a lot of children laughed at me about my body. I was too skinny for them, so if there is wind, I’ll go with it and many more taunts…Children are harsh and hurtful because they have no filters when they talk. It made me so sad and depressed because I didn’t know how to defend myself and assert myself so when I was at the age of 18, I decided to start tattooing myself, coz in my mind, people gonna see my tattoos and not my skinny body…but at the same time I wanted people to like me for me, for my personality and not for my tattoos…but one important thing, I didn’t want to get just about any tattoos because I wanted them to have a meaning.

I took the time to think about each of them for a long time and above all, I drew them all by myself…these tattoos remind me to be strong: on my right arm with strength bracelets, because they represent two persons in my family (great grandmother and uncle) who have passed away and who are always with me, to help me in every day of my life, and it is also for me a way that they live again through me.

I’ve also a representation of my life on my left arm with my electrocardiogram with some errors, coz life is not always a smooth path and I went through several trials that made me what I am now…Near my wrist, a stain of blood which is there to recall the two worst years of my life: 2012 & 2017, which includes big trials of my life such as a breakup, a problem of collaboration at work but especially the disease for me with a serious blood infection and for my father who had to fight cancer and my mother who had an accident and who broke both arms at the same time as my father was at the hospital…This tattoo ends in dotted lines towards the palm of my hand because whatever happens in life my destiny is in my hands and I am an actor in my life and my decisions, I must not suffer from it!

On my left ankle, there is a tattoo of trees. For me trees represent strength, standing strong and upright in the face of life’s trials without wavering. The last one is one of the most important coz it means my work as a podiatrist and my devotion to people who suffer. It is located on my back and represents a caduceus, which is the badge of doctors but also the scepter of Mercury the God of medicine. The latter is stylized in a Gothic version because it is an aesthetic that I particularly like. In the middle of the tattoo, there is an Egyptian sign: the eye of Horus which represents vigilance and therefore the fact that whatever my actions and my behavior he must always remain vigilant with the people around me.

One day, 3,5 years ago, someone asked me to take some pics of me…first I said no because, for me, only muscular men and handsome guys can be models. But I agreed to the shoot after some insistent request and it was a revelation, not only do I like it as a model but I find myself beautiful in the photographs…I was lucky enough to be able to pose for the talented photographer of Tale of men and I wanna thanks him for all of that!