Have you ever had sex with the Sun? Yes, the Sun, our star. If your answer is “yes”, cool, you are one of mine. You know what I`m gonna talk about. But if your answer is “no”, let me invite you to read my story and try it once, at least once. I’m a colombian guy living in Buenos Aires since 2010. I come from a country with no seasons and a lot of Sun. But I didn`t use to enjoy Sun so much (it causes wrinkles). That made me kinda vampire, I was the palid guy in the Buenos Aires’ subway during the argentinian summer. After a long time of depression (darkness) I discovered the healing power of  Sun. Lot of energy in its presence. I can tell you that power of our star and its rays  saved me from an early good bye in a very dark momment (but that`s another story).

The first time I had sex with the Sun was on its day, a Sunday. 2016, I think… I went to a house music party the night before, my perception and sensitivity were higher cuz of the substances. It was summer, humid as it is in Buenos Aires, I needed another shower before seeing my boyfriend. There was a window just next to the tub in that apartment. The Sun entered through this so powerfully, it caressed my  head, my neck, my chest, my back till my ass and then my crotch. It was everywhere, touching me whenever I moved while soaping and rinsing. It was domaining the whole scene, it was ruling it. I just obeyed and surrended. That was the first day I totally enjoyed the Sun, and talked about it, cuz the guy did his work so good. I felt touched, caressed, burned and fucked by the Sun. That day, that momment, was a huge shot of energy coming from it, getting inside me, traveling through my body and cuming out of my dick in response.

Whenever you can and you wish get naked under the Sun, no matter if it is a ray through the window. Open up your legs, show him your ass and crotch. Feel it. Feel its energy getting into you in every centimeter of your skin. Feel that power and keep it deep inside you for whatever you need it.