The last time I saw him he was getting on the bus to his hometown. I knew we would never speak to each other again. We said we were going to, but our last conversation felt like a determined goodbye. 

He was the first person that made me feel like the best things in life could be the ones we can’t plan or organize with anticipation.  We met on the beach, we were both alone and just staring at the see. I remember he had a book by his side. It was the same book from García Marquez I had finished reading a few days ago. 

I always felt like meeting him so close to the see was something important. And it totally was. 

We spent the day together and at the end I had to say goodbye because I was there with my family, and our holidays were over. He asked me to stay with him. He was there in his uncle’s house but all by himself. I doubted a bit but i definitely did. I just stayed with a stranger a night that became a whole week. And it was beautiful. 

We were the same in a lot of ways and we had the best sex. I think that’s because we didn’t always had sex in the ways I knew. There was a lot going on between our bodies, the kisses, the endless touching in bed, on the beach and everywhere. Sometimes I would just look him in the eyes while touching his whole body for a long, long time. 

After the first couple of days, sex was still great but we started to realize we didn’t match. His opinions about everything were the opposite to mine and his way of thinking about the world, justice and specially politics made me angry. I could not understand how someone so beautiful and kind could seem at the same time so selfish. He was ten years older than me, though he didn’t look like it. He always said I was too young and that our lives had been very different. We agreed to disagree and really try to get along. Something kept us together. 

The last day of the week we both went to catch our buses together and said goodbye to each other on the bus station. 

We are friends on facebook now but we never talked to each other again. 

I think it was just what it had to be like and lasted just the time it had to last.