I was born in a small city, so when I finally moved to Buenos Aires I had my mind set on something: I am gonna have a lot of sex, meet a lot of guys, and explore my sexuality in a less restrictive environment. And that’s exactly what I did, but never in a million years that 20 year old me would have thought I would be doing that with the love of my life.

We are conditioned to believe that the goal of life is to find a partner, get married, buy a house and have kids. Monogamy is the only option. But as I grew, I realized that is just one of the several options to find happiness. Sex and love are not exclusive to each other. And so we both explored the blurred lines between that.

Both of us had this mindset, but being with each other allowed us to break those barriers and discover a lot of new possibilities and kinks. So we started exploring sex toys and inviting new people. At first we both talked with a guy we liked, and we had a whole protocol to meet them, like meeting in a bar before coming home, and with time rules became less strict. I would bring any guy I liked in grindr and we both fucked him, or the other way around.

We discovered the pleasure of watching your partner fucking other boys, seeing their pleasure. A lot of times in our threesomes I just got up and watched my boyfriend fucking, enjoying our guest, and that was even more pleasurable than participating myself. The other way around works too, putting on a show for my boyfriend playing with our guest.

We explored cruising, going into cruising parties, cruising bars and the like. Also at first, we only did things together, but then as our trust with each other grew, we ended up coming together to these parties, separating inside, doing our thing and then at home talked about what we did, and fucking again picturing what each other did. We also cruised in the locker rooms of the gym, and the showers, with the extra thrill of being a place we shouldn’t be doing that. We also brought home guys from there, and finished at home what we started in the showers.

Being together allowed us to explore both our own sexualities and each others’, finding what we both liked to do together and separated, and with that the love and trust we have in each other grows each day.