For so many years I’ve been trying to define myself, to identify the box I would finally fit in. Hoping it would happen before retirement.

What I didn’t know then is that in order to eventuelly find my true self, I would have to totally deconstruct the complex and tormented identity I had build for myself, year after years, day after day.

Why? It is because that identity had been built over my vulnerability. Trying to define my comfort zone, I erected walls and security doors to keep me aways from triggering these wounds I was carrying deep inside me.

Today I decided to look for the anti-boxes, to find communities where I would feel empowered to step out of my comfort zone, to follow my deepest desires, to heal my wounds one after the other and finally to slowly transcend into my higher self.

Queers are here, queers are vulnerable, queers are empowered, welcome in the Era of Vulnerability!