Ten minutes walking. Goal? To have sex. Easy, pleasurable. We had his house to fulfill all our fantasies. I was so horny that neither the snow nor the cold could stop me – actually, I did not feel cold at all – I guess that´s what it means when they say sex is a primary impulse, you forget everything just to satisfy such a simple thing.

The guy waiting for me was not the man I dreamt of, but he had everything I needed at that moment – I loved it though. I don’t know how but we hooked up once, twice, and three times, and that one it wasn´t just sex but love. He had something that thrilled me every time I visited him. We arranged to meet, and we waited the whole week to spend the evening together to satisfy our desires and enjoy our bodies. In bed, on the couch, in the kitchen, we even had sex on the balcony with our neighbors watching.

He let me discover a big new world of pleasure, no taboos, no fear, just exploring our sexuality. The way we communicate what we want, no talking, just with our bodies. My lips running over his back, in the dawn while he is still sleeping. His fingertips tracing ways on my body like a Mustang, the way he kneels down in front of me like a blessed. Every time we are in bed I feel his body tight, his butt rubbing against me, our hairy legs playing like the laces of sneakers that are trying to be tied. His biceps around my chest while he is over me, feeling my breath in and out, his beard tickling my collarbone and my neck. I can´t describe the satisfaction I feel when I´m getting undressed and he´s looking thoughtfully or when I surprise him at midnight, because I´m in the mood to have sex and I´m inside of him, and he starts moaning. But the best feeling by far is in the morning when he lays over me and holds me tight and then he says smiling: good morning.

It has been seven months since I met him and I can´t deny I love him despite his odds, despite my fears, despite our insecurities. The way he makes me feel, the way he rocks my world, the safety I feel when he hugs me, the joy I feel when we are in the kitchen talking or arguing about what to cook. Actually, I can really say I´m no longer the person I used to be when I met him, all the experiences we have lived together through all these months have helped me grow and, I think that´s the biggest treasure you can offer someone, the chance to be challenged and to change your perspective about life.

Despite having sex with a lot of people along with your life, you will only make love with a few of them, that´s what happens to me with Jaime. And when you make love with that person, you don’t make love just in the bed but while chatting on whatsapp, cooking, going for a walk or just looking at him.