We met twenty-three years ago, at the pride event in Lisbon. His eyes and smile were a magnet!

We had fun and drinks, danced and talked. Later we walked up the cobbled streets to Bairro Alto, in a sort of drunken ballet, bumping into each other, kissing and laughing. We got in a nightclub, watched the drag show and danced some more. Walked with him to his building and ended up having sex on the hallway at 6 o’clock in the morning! We were young and free, no worries in the world!

Then life happened, and somehow, we drifted apart, but always I treasured the memory of that night! Of that carefree happiness, of adventure, of the exciting danger!

Fast forward to five years ago.

After my breakup, we ended up reconnecting on social media (gasp!). So many years later we were glad to talk again, put ourselves up to date with each other’s life. Ended up discovering that, in our growth as sexual persons, there were things in common again! The love for some fetiches, for exploring our sexuality, the pushing of boundaries!

Finally, we met again. Went up those stairs, that we weren’t able to make all those years again.

He was waiting for me at the door, all geared up in leather! I could feel the smell of it, and the built up excitement! It was a night of exploration, things that I knew, new experiments, in gear or fully naked. Sexual liberation!

After that night, some more followed. All very intense, by ourselves or with a third like minded piggy.

Inevitably feelings got involved, and we had to take a break. Neither him or me want anything serious. I’m really not ready for it again, and I don’t think I’ll ever be. Someday we’ll reconnect, has we been still good friends, and have some good fun again.

Just no strings attached fun!