Welcome dear LGBTQ+ teenager, we will do our best to guide you in this wonderful community and to give you support in this bad heteronormative world. Here’s some articles for you: “How’s your body mass index? Take the test”, “Do you want a flat belly? The best exercises”, “Why you don’t gain weight even if you eat a lot? Check our 10 advices”, “The best pills to lose weight”, “5 reasons why you have problems in getting a stable relationship”, “10 reasons why you shouldn’t get a stable relationship”,  “The best food if you’re going to bottom tonight”, “10 good reasons to be in an open couple”, “10 tricks to bottom like a porn actor”, “15 tricks to top like a porn actor”, “20 tricks to become a porn actor”, “25 tricks to convince your boyfriend to get fisted”, “Struggling because of your skinny legs? The 30 best tricks to get the legs of your dreams”, “How to get rid of the fat on your hips: 35 tricks”, “You’re too skinny now: 50 tricks to become a bear”, “60 tricks to get 45 tricks to get 80 tricks to be a better gay”, “Are you gay? You’re not enough gay. 1.340 tricks to be more gay”, “You’re too gay now. 124 tricks to become more masculine”, “Want to become an otter? Check our sponsor: ToBeefOrNotToBe, super healthy shake containing proteins from oats, milk, peas, beans, locusts, dried cows corpses and tarantulas”, “Are you white enough? Take the test!”, “Is your hole white enough? Bleach your hole!”, “Jockstraps: pay 2 and get 3: Nasty Pig, Dirty Slut, Kinky Whore. Only 249 Eur each”, “How to marry and have children without renouncing to chems orgies”, “Steragra®, a new mix of viagra and steroids to keep your erection and increase your muscles at the same time!”,  “Homosexuality and depression: the best pills”, “Why gay rights don’t cure herpes?”, “The best ropes for suicide: Nasty Corpse, Slutty Dead, WoofWoofJump”. 

STOP!  Dear LGBTQ+ kid: you are better than this. You don’t have to renounce to yourself and your health to reach unattainable standards. I know the pressure is strong, I know older gays will push you into this instead of protecting you and I know brands will try to make you feel insecure to make you spend as much as possble but you must be brave and trust your instinct. The desire of belonging to something and somebody lays deep inside every human being and it’s our biggest weakness and especially when you’re a teenager it is a strong feeling that makes you believe things that are not true, things that exist only to exploit you. Free yourself from this derailed version of the gay community,  you’re not a product, you’re not an object, your love is stronger than a 1.000 tons of steroids and even if now you feel alone, dear brave kid, I promise you it will get better.