Betting on new experiences together

In 2009 we started chatting on a dating website. After keeping our relation virtual for a while, we decided to meet at a gay bar for the first time a couple months later. We introduced ourselves and talked for a long time. We shared our stories face to face and we had a very nice time.

We kept on dating for some time, and after 4 months we realized that something was starting to build between us. The 10th of April, 2010, then, talking over dinner we decided to give a formal start to our relationship.

For 5 years we continued living apart, each one in his own place, but no matter the time, day or night, we were always ready to take a bus and go meet each other to spend the day (and night!) together.

During this period Liso was still closeted, but Ariel’s company gave him the strength to decide coming out and to start a new phase in both’s lives. We also moved in together. Even though we were used to spend almost all day long next to each other, starting to share our lives this way was a big change. But we went for it, and it worked.

Like every other couple or sexual-affective relationship, we went through many different situations together. Some sad, distressing, confusing ones but also many exciting, happy and enjoyable ones. Always with love and mutual respect.

Every moment we spent as a couple brought us to where we are now: a very happy time. Life goes by and we are glad to be together. We feel loved by one another and that makes us happy.

We are surrounded by numerous people we love, friends and family, and it makes us proud to see that we have created an awesome group of people in which we know we can trust. We have built a beautiful life together. We have learnt a lot from each other and continue to do so.

We are also learning to share experiences with other people. We are both fond of open relationships, and agree that freedom and new possibilities can contribute to make our tie even stronger, when taken with respect and mutual care.

During the Covid pandemic lock down we faced a very big challenge when we found ourselves sharing the same space 24/7 and without being able to go outside for many months. Although it was a very unsettling moment, it ended up being a very rich experience that further cemented our relationship.

In these 12 years of being in a relationship we grew as a couple but we also grew both personally and professionally. Each one of us has his own job but we also started a few projects together.

During the pandemic, among the various things that happened and we experienced, we began the journey of creating sexual content for adults. We share our sexual experiences on different online porn platforms with our followers.

We want to continue this path that we have been traveling together, betting on living new experiences that bring us joy and also overcoming new obstacles, because, as we already said, respect and mutual care are paramount to us, and that is our conception of love.