March 2023. In Cyprus we have quite high temperatures all year round. So one sunny Sunday I decided to take advantage of my day off from work and my appetite for sex and set out in my car to go to a nudist beach located in Ayia Napa.

Usually when the weather allows it there is a lot of cruising on the gay nudist beaches. On the beach of Ayia Napa in particular, many tourists gather who have no taboos at all and are willing to submit to all the erotic adventures you want. It takes about an hour by car to get there from my house. As I was driving I thought several times that at such a time I will not find anyone I like and that I will drive “unfairly” all the way there… but a voice inside me told me that I had to! I had to go and I was going to have a good time.

When I arrived at the beach parking lot, I saw very few cars, which made me unhappy. But I got off and made my way to the beach. To get to the place where nudists are allowed, you need to cross a difficult path made of stones and you need to balance on them.

On arrival there were at least 10 people, but they were all in different groups. So, I actually went alone and sat under a rock somewhat apart from the others (with the intention that if someone approaches me we can comfortably make out with each other). Time was passing and I couldn’t find anyone I liked in appearance. After several cigarettes and after I had run out of drinks I had with me I decided to leave to go back to Nicosia. As I stood up to put on my bathing suit I saw him!

A man of medium height, with a magnificent body, deep blue eyes, and the hairs on his body and hair were so blond that they looked white in the sun. I immediately understood that he is a tourist and that we must be close in age. From inside I said “here we are!” I smiled at him and said “hey” he replied smiling “hi” and thus overcoming our first awkward contact I invited him to sit with me. He accepted since he was also alone.

In our conversation, he told me that he comes from Poland and that he is only on the island for 10 days. His body also told me he was very athletic, so I wasn’t shy and asked him what kind of exercise he did. He replied that this is his “mould” and that all he does is enough daily walking. He was wearing a fiery red Speedo swimsuit and was smoking some cigarettes that he brought from his country. He offered me one to smoke together. Time was passing and I never realized that we spent 3 hours together.

We had incredible chemistry and he seemed to enjoy my company. After some time I told him that I had to leave and offered to take him to the hotel where he was staying so that he wouldn’t have to walk back (although my intention was to end up in his bed). He gladly accepted and in 10 minutes we were outside. He invited me to have one last cigarette together in his room. As soon as we entered he threw me directly on the bed. We made love for about 50 minutes. We were drenched in sweat but we didn’t care. He let me cum in his mouth. Then he invited me to take a bath together and after I immediately said “yes” we started playing in the bathtub. It was magical! I had long enough to feel this feeling with someone who was literally a stranger to me!

He knew exactly what I like without me telling him. Wherever he touched me he made me moan. With that and that it was 10 pm and I still had to go home. After telling him that I had an incredible time and that I won’t forget him, I left. Then he asked me for my Instagram and how if I wanted I could go see him again. Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to since he was leaving on Wednesday and I work several hours a week. But I promised him that I would see him again.
We often talk on Instagram since he reacts to almost all my stories and always tells me how much he misses me. It was the closest thing to “summer love” that has ever happened to me.