My name is Luc. I’m proud of my name even if as a child, the others children were making jokes with it. In French, when you write it backwards, it means “ass”. So jokes are easy. My mother knew before my birth that I was a boy and that my name will be this one. She was sure of it and no one will change this choice. I can still feel this confidence in my blood. Proud of my first name and I will never change it !

I started Dance 13 years ago while I  followed a friend to her weekly class. Since this day, I said « this is what I wanna do ». I’ve tried many different sports and activities like football, judo, handball, gymnastics, violin, choir, piano but dance it’s THE good mix of it all ! Since that first day in 2006 I can’t stop dancing. It’s a big part of my life.

It’s not easy to get naked and being captured by a photographer. As a dancer, you’ll think “you are very confident and proud of your body” but it’s not the same exercise to be on stage and behind a camera. One is ephemeral and the other one stays forever. Since the day I tried artistic nude art, I felt that I was more confident and I was more open to dance naked choreographic pieces on stage.

Coming out of the closet was not so difficult for me but I feel with time that my members of my family are not completely good with it. Specially during Pride Month. I love being involved during a Pride Parade and how the world how proud we are to be who we are. But my family is always questioning « why do you guys have to be colorful , with make up, feathers, glitters » « don’t you be « normal » ? » I said : «  it’s a pacific strike and it’s all about love, joy and positivity so we are showing the world how our souls inside are free, colorful and full of love by wearing outside all of theses colors and items ! Be Proud !

The day when I came out is clear in my mind like crystal. I had 2 choices, telling my family on my birthday or sending the mail I was writing for the past half month. I chose the second way to do it. First I sent it to my big brother and his answer was “I don’t care if it’s Gertrude or Patrick, the most important is your happiness” No response from my parents. When I came home for holidays we had a big discussion. My surprise was that my father understood it better than my mother. She’s worried about all the bad sides (like what straight people might think) of the gay community, such as illness, AIDS, aggression. I also understood that she was more worried about her life like “her son is gay” rather than mine. I remember what I said “I’m not going to change myself to make you feel better, I’m am what I am, the same baby, boy, child and now adult you raised from the moment when I was born on this planet. You know me so deal with it!”