My name is Luis. I am not a person who likes to talk about me, unless I am absolutely confident. In the summer, I had a conversation with a guy who I dated for a few weeks, he asked me “What are the most important qualities you have?” I kept thinking for several days and after a lot of thinking I realize that at 37 I don’t know how to answer that question, at least not in a normal conversation and perhaps in a job interview if I can, I am… .

At first glance I am a complete and safe man because the truth is that neither complete nor safe. Well, here is the first step, to ask three people what my qualities are, I chose three people who somehow I felt confident that they would be sincere and would give me a loyal answer. The people chosen: – My sister, my ex boyfriend and my best friend. My sister said: “A great man: thousands of times he told you negative things about you, but I have to admit that you are great, since we were little you were always the safest, the strongest, the noblest, you never asked for help even when you were in the deepest problems, I remember that one day in your worst moments you told me ‘when you are in the deepest part of the swamp your only option is to go up’, you have such a unique way of thinking that sometimes it bothers me, but when I sit down to think in your theories I realize that it is true, because I have seen you fall thousands of times and you get back up with more strength”

My ex boyfriend said:

“Physically sexy and mentally sensual. You never need to do anything to get a guy’s attention, you’re just different from us, you preferred a book, or an afternoon in a museum, unintelligent men never caught your attention and like you I You said ‘I’m attracted to those who can keep me attentive to a good conversation’ “

My best friend, whom I have known since school, told me:

Good person: despite that bad character that you have or pretend to have, you are very noble, you think a lot about others, many times more than about yourself, and be careful because it shouldn’t be like that.

Very often people have a better concept about you than yourself . and I actually like that.