I did that photo shoot without knowing what I was expecting of it.The
idea of letting it go appeals to me. I would not say I am a very confident
person but I learned to appreciate what I have and what I am. I do not
pretend I am a model or the hottest guy alive. But I proudly assume what I
look like.

My body is not perfect but I like it, and my partner loves it. That’s all
that matters. Love and self-esteem guided me to experience this photo shoot
and expose what I’m made of. Pushing boundaries makes us grow.

6 years ago, someone sent me a DM on Instagram. We did talk a bit
before the first meeting.The first time was hot and passionate… It was then
evident that we needed to get back together again. And again. And again.
We learned to know each other, step by step, day after day, until that
day, I knew he would be the one who would share my life and help me push
the boundaries.

Love makes you feel powerful and sexy. He shows me how good life can
be when you share it with someone who loves you the way you are. Being in
a relationship is not a long, quiet and easy way. Sometimes, doubts fill our
minds and drive us to the edge.

We did struggle before finding our balance. I now know that it was
worth it.

6 years of joy, kisses, hugs, Netflix and chill, dancing nights, talks with
glasses of wine, arguments when you upset me, travels from Asia to South
America, lazy beach days somewhere in the world, Sundays in bed, more-or-less well-cooked meals, tears, long family barbecues afternoons, late night
laughter, sometimes doubts but most important, 6 years of love.
He kept telling me I was sexy. At last, I ended up believing it

Seeing him watch this shoot’s first few photos with pride and desire
makes me feel lucky. Lucky to be loved a bit more each day for 6 years.
I never thought a DM received on a summer night in 2016 would have
impacted my life.

I don’t know what the future embodies for us, but I know he will
forever leave his mark on my life.


The beauty of human beings is the difference between each of us.
Wherever you are, whatever you like, there will always be someone
somewhere who loves what you are.

We each have our own pride and weakness.

My body is not the best I wish I had, but why caring? Someone loves it
this way, so why shouldn’t I either ?

Confidence and sexiness are not only for models or sporty muscles

As he likes to say, my butt is too beautiful to be hidden away. So, here
I am, having my body photographed to leave a print of this for eternity,
for him, me, and whoever wants it.

After reflection, I will be happy and proud to look back on these
photos when I am 60 and say, « Damn, I was sexy in my 30s; I’m glad to
get memories of it.»

I hope you all will enjoy these photos as much as I liked them.
Babe, if you’re reading this, thanks for loving my butt and me.
I love you.