We are Médéric and Bastian and have been in a relationship for almost 4 years. We are now engaged. Our story is the story of two men who started to live a life together in a small apartment in Brussels.

After a few months we met, we decided to take the step to start a life together, our first romantic restaurant with a good dish and a good bottle of wine, we laugh and go home, we passed the door of the apartment and we kiss until undressing.

We are naked, excited to feel our skin and our bodies against each other, we have done it all over the furniture, the stairs, on the floor, really everywhere.
Since that day we have experienced a lot of things sexually and emotionally. After 1 year together we got engaged.

During the 3 years that followed we got to know each other, about our desires and ourselves, one day we received a message on Instagram from Chris who offered us to do a photoshoot as a couple, we discussed it between us and very quickly accepted the invitation. It was something that we desired and fantasied.

Decision made, we discussed and planned to see each other in real life to talk about it. It all started over a coffee at 3, we discussed what we were going to do. It was a first for us to expose ourselves in our intimacy in front of a photographer. On the day of the photoshoot, we were a little stressed and excited to pose naked in front of a stranger.

It took us a few moments before feeling comfortable and starting to get naked, when we took out our naughty underwear, a weight was gone and being exhibitionist in nature, the desire rose little by little.

We were able to put ourselves at ease and find ourselves face to face with the lens, skin against skin, it started to make us hard especially my man.
We start slowly and timidly in a way that allowed us to relax and to be able to start doing more suggestive poses, interesting positions, even on the balcony which increased our excitement.

We never had the opportunity to be able to show ourselves in full action in front of a photographer and this experience was a great discovery but above all allowed us to accept ourselves as we were with our faults and qualities.

As this shoot progressed, the exchange between us became more fluid and intense, which allowed us to detach ourselves from this objective that was machine-gunning us.

It was liberating and gratifying to be able to try our hand at this area which really tempted us to be able to pose, excite, share our fantasies with others and also to Chris’ pleasure for his art.

We are already thinking of starting this experience again in this company with all the ideas we have exchanged and coming back as soon as possible with new photos.

Looking forward to having you discover us as a couple and our intimacy, we hope you will enjoy it.