24 July 2023

By Chris Chi

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Hello beautiful people! 

The deadman’s beach in Sitges is definitely the highlight of July for me. How about yours?

Maybe it’s the exhausive traveling and the heat. After returning home, I took my time to rest, watched Game of Thrones (I know, finally!), cooked and slept a lot. It felt necessary. Two days ago, I video-called my cousin who works at the States now. We chatted about our life and work. Then it suddenly hit me. It’s exactly one year ago that I was in Boston visiting him. I could still vividly remember the sounds, the streets, the heat… How time flies! As a matter of fact, the taleofmen project has been going on for about 6 years! WoW!


(In Manu & Diego’s apartment, Barcelona, 2020)

As if it was yesterday when 5 of us found ourselves at the same time in the small apartment of Manu and Diego in Barcelona, I was back there again, 3.5 years later. Paolo and Timo were visiting from Argentina. They slept in the same bed with Manu and Diego. I remember how confused I was in the beginning, but quickly adapted to this new reality. There is no need to define everything, every relationship, clearly or rationalise it. We had great fun and joy during those days. 

Within the 3.5 years that followed, a lot has happened, Covid, breakups, changes of job and other things that we didn’t tell each other. This time, I stayed alone with Manu and Diego. They told me that Timo was here the week before and Paolo was also in Europe traveling. I was surprised by Diego’s English. He made huge progress and now he could communicate with me, something that was not possible before. At the Argentinian restaurant where we used to eat out, Manu got emotional and had tears in his eyes while we were talking about life. Diego said “everything we have now is beautiful but he is afraid that it won’t last forever.”



Starting with the name, the Platja de l’Home Mort or Dead Man’s Beach is a very special place. It’s special thanks to its location – you have to walk a while, first up and then down -, to its perfect blend of blue and green, and to its traditional atmosphere – since 1930, it is considered to be the first ‘gay’ beach in the world. And in September, it’s all yours. Or almost……(Source: the deadman’s beach)

The first time when I heard Sitges this name was with my ex-neighbors. They were a gay couple living two floors above us. We used to get together once a while, drinking wine, dinning and chatting. They said they would make a trip to Sitges with a group of friends every year. The gayest town in Europe, that’s how they called it. They definitely sowed a seed of curiosity in me.

First time when I actually visited Sitges was with Diego in 2020. We drove there. The journey was pleasant and took only 45 minutes from Barcelona. I think it was in late Feburary. The town was small and cute, not too crowded. Yeah, there were quite manyestablishments catering for the gay public. I remember Diego trying to flirt with a scruffy salesman selling facial masks in a shop. We walked around hand in hand in the town. The mood was pleasant. At that moment, Diego got a phone call from the company that he interviewed for. They let him know that he could start working next week. A marvelous news!

We didn’t go to the beach as it was Febuary. Later after I came back home in Brussels, I started to gather more pieces of information about Sitges, its pride, its gay life, its parties and its beaches and of course the orgies on the beaches.Imagine my excitement when Vinicius suggested going to the beach in Sitges for the photoshoot! 

We met at the Sants station on a sunny Saturday. Vinicius was running late as he was preparing sandwiches and rolls. Nevertheless, we hopped on the train to Sitges, packed with families, tourists, locals, well equipped to spend the day on the beaches. The loud chatters filled the entire train. We needed to shout in order to understand each other. The sun and the landscape flying by lifted everyone’s mood up.

The deadman’s beach is different from other beaches that I visited in Europe, in the sense that it’s not easy to reach to. After a short taxi ride, you still need to walk through the woods and cross the railway tracks (still being in use), but the view is beautiful. I asked my friends why. Someone said “Of course, gays wanted a place isolated from the mass. They had to, otherwise the straights would ruin the fun and their paradise”. Ok, it sounds reasonable! 

The beach was full of life, by life, I mean, handsome guys, hahahahaha. I couldn’t find words to describe. I think in this scenario, it’s better to use your imagination. That day, the waves were strong. Mist raised from those waves, creating this gorgeous and mysterious veil against the backup of rocks and cliffs. People were walking on the sandy beaches, back and forth. Some disappeared in the rocks where people gathered for hot actions. From time to time, groups of people would re-emerge from these rocks, took a dip in the water and carried on with their leisure.

Vinicius was cute and had this bright smile. Initially we wanted to arrive at the beach early enough to avoid the crowd, but when we were there, the beach was already full. However, it didn’t stop him from posing in front of all the people. First, a bit shy, but later, he became relaxed. We got comments from views complimenting on his poses. And of course, quite many people took interest in this hot blooded Brazilian. He made sure to satisfy a few of them in the end of the day. And I was too shy to witness, haha. 

We spent a few good hours on the beach, taking photos, watching people, swimming in the sea, tasting his sandwiches…You know you are having a good time if you don’t want it to end. I wonder if I will do the same thing as my ex-neighbors and visit Sitges every year to get a taste of freedom in the paradise.


(Sebastian in Mallorca)

“You’re a wonderful person” he said, “intelligent, beautiful, empathic, serious, funny and a great sex partner, but…”.

Like most of the dates today, this one too started from social networks (the very same in use right now). A tall beautiful mature man with intensive blue eyes and a smile like a boy in front of a Christmas tree getting ready to mischief (and much more), who actually drove 90km to get to know me and from the start there was a great connection between us even I didn’t wanted him at first.

Having a daughter and everything he told me “…I’m not interested in a relationship but I want to see you frequently, not just for sex.” After saying that, he looked me deep in the eyes and headed to the greatest sexual experience for both of us (he confirmed). So I was OK with the situation, knowing that he never had a relationship with any man before.


Florian Hetz exhibition in Antwerp

Florian Hetz is definitely one of my favorite queer photographers. The way that he presents human bodies and captures details is unique His work has a great impact on me and mine. I was delighted to find out that his solo exhibition “Unusual experiences” was held at the Everyday Gallery in Antwerp. 

Do pass by if you are in the neighborhood. And by the way, the Antwerp Pride will take place from 9 to 12 August. 

Photographer: Florian Hetz

Location:Everyday gallery

Period: 14 July – 03 September 2023


LOVERS – by  Raging Lung

Models: cozabiedatom_of_plleleleszek


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