I grew up in a small town in Alicante. My parents are and were really open-minded, they are atheists and instilled in me values of respect for everyone regardless of their sexual condition, gender, religion and race. My parents lived in Switzerland for many years because my family on father’s side emigrated there in the 50s because Spain was under dictatorship. At the end of 80s my parents returned to Spain and after I was born.

Despite growing up in an open-minded family, living in a small village during 2000s didn’t allow you to express yourself completely freely. 

I always heard comments at school like : my father says that xxxx is a fagot, if you make an earring in your left ear you are a faggot, if you don’t play football you are a faggot etc. in a derogatory way.

In my case, I didnt have big problems during this time, but I didnt express myself with total freedom either. Maybe I let myself be guided by most people even though I didnt think so. 

I remember that I felt harassed because I didn’t make the communion. Communion under the catholic religion is an act where 10 years children give themselves to God in a ceremony. People judged me saying I was Jewish as if that was something bad, but I was just atheist.

Although in my adolescence I soaked up that small-village culture maybe not to feel really different to the rest, I spoke with my parents to go to the high school in the city center to see new things and it was a really good experience .

Also during my adolescence, unfortunately I started to obsess about health, thinking that any symptom I had was a sign of a serious illness that would cause my death.

Nowadays, sometimes I still have these thoughts that block me but to see something positive it makes me see life as something short and I should enjoy life every second because you don’t know when it will end. Of course with this mentality I make all the ideas that come to my mind come true, including my sexual fantasies and travelling around the world. I have been living in addition to Spain, in Germany, United Kingdom and now in Lisboa, Portugal.

 ‘ It was an amazing experience staying in the savage beaches of Lisboa and in the nature hotel being photographed, I  felt really comfortable showing my sensuality and looking for new experiences ‘