Getting naked, undressing, giving yourself to the other… it’s a form of letting go. Entrusting his image, his nudity to the eyes of another. This is exactly what I ask my clients every day, in my arms, to let me be the pilot of their flesh.

My name is Robin, born in the Var when Denver the last of the dinosaurs died out (1989). I migrated like a rainbow bird “to the capital” as they say below, to see if the grass (and the zgegs) weren’t greener elsewhere. Carrier-wise, as in my sexuality, I was well-behaved, diligent and versatile. After a journey of majoring in communication studies and an experience in journalism which was followed by a retraining in nursing school while living from tattooing… I ended up giving myself up completely to massages at the dawn of my thirties.

I have the best job in the world. I massage naked men while naked. There are rare moments in life when we take care of ourselves, even more so when we manage to abandon ourselves to others. In massage I give my time and my hands to a man who entrusts me with his being for a time. Under the eye of the photographer, I in turn learn to abandon myself and accept myself as I am. With my variations in mood or weight. Each photo marks an era, a moment in my life of which my body is the echo.

You want to know? Here is my diary for Tuesday, August 23, 2022.

I got back from a month’s vacation last night. I saw all my family, friends, I ate well at granny’s (+4 kilos!), I tanned, I drank and I rediscovered the pleasure of solo handjobs in the teenager’s room (something I don’t do on a daily basis… a tantric masseur often keeps his energy). I had sex with my boyfriend Max last night, we hadn’t seen each other for 15 days. I still have energy after a month of vacation, me who touches naked bodies all day long, the holidays are an upheaval in my libido.

Recently, taking photos has highlighted my exhibitionist side. When the photographer makes no reference, I don’t have a hard-on. Being naked is for me everyday, natural and desexualized. On the other hand, when he asks me to have an erection or to make my penis grow so that the photo is tastier… the effect is immediate.

After the session I do a day of three massages, I’m hot. When my last client leaves, my balls hurt. A too full or too much erection… you could say that I have the blue balls. How do you think my evening ended? I let you imagine, the fantasy is often much hotter than the reality.