“What’s your kink?” I always have a bit of a hard time responding to this. Lately, however, I have been realizing how there is something about soft dicks that does it to me. The unique movement each guy has when walking around naked, with their own center of gravity playing between cock and balls, hypnotizing at times (maybe that will get me in trouble in the locker room one day, I can’t help but look— or am I staring?). Eye-catching bulges, especially those under grey sweatpants or old underwear.

I love the multitude of states, from the smallest shriveled version after skinny dipping in a cold lake, to the semi of going commando on a summer’s day. I guess it’s about the mystery of it, of what it might become. The naturality, the honesty, and vulnerability of it. Oh, and then the intimacy of holding a soft dick while watching TV (even better if it’s someone else’s).

It’s quite symbolic (or boring) that such a vanilla guy like me would answer this. Maybe it’s just a natural reaction coming from a gay Brazilian man that doesn’t meet the stereotypical well-hung and supersexual jock. Perhaps it’s my brain rejecting the mainstream porn virile aesthetic with the always-ready-to-fuck massive rigid member. Even some internal questioning about the “nudes” we love to exchange, often perpetuating toxic masculine monument-like traits and expectations. 

See, I’m overthinking and analyzing this possible kink (I don’t think we’re supposed to do this, are we?), but these are just some thoughts and have no intention of being an answer or a manifesto. So thank you for reading this far, taking a peek at what my mind looks like. 

Don’t get me wrong, I also love hard cock, but sometimes it’s such a pressure to have a hard-on, guys immediately feel they have to apologize if it’s not going up. I think we need to get over this.

As a disclaimer, I’m also confronted with my belief that nudity and sex shouldn’t always come together. Not all nudity should evoke sex (and not all sex involves nudity.) I believe this can help us love our bodies (and ourselves) more, not looking at it solely as a sexual tool, as the religious taboo forced it to be.

Finally, for me, when taking pictures, I think I honor this. No fluffing, just my normal cock, as it was feeling that day. I hope you enjoy and I hope I made you think about something constructive. Let’s celebrate our softness too.