I decide to speak about the thermal baths.  Nowadays, you can find so different types of it. There are sauna, gay sauna, spa, therme…

Each of them has his own purposes, like sex, relaxing, health,…

I want to speak about how it helped me in my personal life.

I have always been skinny and really pale. I didn’t like my body because of all the bad remarks from people during my childhood. It took me years to be able to be shirtless around People. 

So one day a friend asked me to go with him. I was really stressed at the beginning. Thankfully, my friend helped me to calm down and the superb place, I began to feel more comfortable about the situation. 

The atmosphere was peaceful and respectful. I was just thinking about that acceptance of my own body without any bad thought. I was feeling all the benefits in my body and in my  mind. I understood that I was mistreating my body because of the image of it. I went several times back to different thermal baths to work on that. It helped me a lot to accept my body  and myself.

Thanks to that ,it helped me in several different aspects of my life. I wasn’t hiding my body with large clothes anymore or long sleeves. I was more confident about myself and around people. Even in my sex life, it helped me to discover new things and be more comfortable with my sexuality. 

I have also been to gay saunas where the atmosphère is completely different. As you are completely naked, you can’t lie about your body. I have come to understand that I am not so différent from the others. The looks that I have received made me understand that some people like my body so I began to have more thrust in it and be more comfortable too. I began to experiment new things and to discover  what I like. Sex can have so many shapes and different pleasures.

So thanks to all of these experiences, I feel more free.

Of course, it takes time, so even if you had a bad experience, try again as you deserve it .