6:45 a.m. The sun is rising, again. I open my eyes awakened by the phone.  Notifications challenge me and my addiction to pixels wakes me up and eats up my time.  Who cares about me?  Who wants to talk to me?  And what does the news says?

8:35 a.m. I get out of bed, again. You have to eat, shower, be presentable and why try to please.  In the shower, I think about everything I need to do.  How will this day go?  Good or bad?  Ordinary or exciting?

10:22 a.m. Grindr messages, again. It’s you.  I did not expect you to write to me again.  You are beginning to please me despite the distance.  Will I meet you one day or will you block me tomorrow? 

11:44 a.m. I stare at the ceiling, again. I think about my current artistic projects and a background of music fuels my imagination.  What to do?  What materials?  I could never do this.  Unless?  

12:35 p.m. Lunch, again. The advantage of the kitchen is that we decide everything.  We choose the ingredients that we like.  We cook them and season them to our liking.  We can only be satisfied with the result, there is no coincidence.  I wonder what you’re having for lunch at the moment? 

2:02 p.m. The coffee is flowing, again I could drink liters of it, an inexplicable addiction.  I like its strong taste and its heath warms me from the inside.  What will I see in the coffee grounds? Maybe you’d prefer a tea? 

4:45 p.m. I’m going to the gym, again. The goal is always the same: exceed 80 kilos.  Which are another 9 kilos to take.  Nine kilos are so complicated to take and no fat of course.  An obsession with my body that will never end.  

6:58 p.m.Netflix, again. Fiction makes me live an imaginary life far from my redundant daily life.  What would we do without fiction and without dreams?  

00h09. Insomnia, again. Thoughts overwhelm me and prevent me from sleeping.  The same worries and the same hopes.  Will I have a happy future?  Filled with loneliness or togetherness?  maybe with you?