I scheduled our meeting on the last day of my trip to Berlin. I thought we would meet and exchange our ideas and experiences on art/photography. Little did I know that it would be my most vulnerable moment. You came to my hotel. We had breakfast and I poured my heart out, in front of you, a stranger. You listened. You were soft-spoken and were almost too careful, afraid of saying something wrong that might hurt my feelings. I remember holding back the tears and pretending to be ok even though I was not.

I told you that I didn’t know if I should continue this project. I forgot what you said, but later, you asked me “Shall we go to your room and take some photos?” I was surprised as I didn’t expect it and after our conversation, you wanted to get naked in front of me and let my camera capture your body, your nakedness and in a way your vulnerability. You told me stories about your struggles with your sexuality and identity. So I felt very touched that you wanted to put your trust in my hands. I nodded as if it’s exactly what I needed, knowing there’re people like you who see the humanity in everything as much as I do. We left the restaurant and took the elevator to my room on the 7th floor.

There you were, a bit unsure and hesitant, but slowly you started to undress. I saw the scar on your left leg. You told me it’s from an accident. which left some permanent damage and sheltered your self-confidence. But there’s beauty to be found in the broken. I love this imperfection, which makes us human. As we moved around in the hotel room taking photos, then, suddenly I saw you, through the lens, through my eyes. You transformed and picked up the self-confidence, revealing a proud boy hidden deep inside. I was amazed. Later you said, it’s because I created a trustworthy environment. Thank you, for laying your trust in me.