One day in the afternoon I went for a walk to do some shopping in a neighborhood in Buenos Aires.  This is a neighborhood where there are many stores that supply many different types of trades, so it is usually a place where a large number of people are concentrated.  I remember that I liked walking through those streets and seeing so many handsome and strong men loading and unloading merchandise.  Well then it happened that I came across a handsome boy, we both looked at each other.  I thought he was annoyed maybe because of my impudence since as I walked past him, I told him that he was very handsome.  I couldn’t resist it and I did it naturally without knowing if he was gay or straight. 

Then he turned to me and I could see him better.  He was handsome, dark, and he wore a big bundle between his legs that you could see through his gym pants.  Our glances were complicit and we began to speak.  He was going to see his boyfriend at a store nearby but after that, he told me that he could come to my house.  I gave him my phone number, we said goodbye, and I went home fantasizing about the situation.  I wasn’t sure if he would call me.  He did it.

We arranged for him to come to my house.  I was already excited just thinking about our meeting.  I braced myself, I wanted to be clean and smell good.  He arrived, the moment we entered my house we were already so excited and kissing and undressing.  I ate his cock really hard, it was so cute, thick, soft and hot.  I couldn’t wait long to ask him to fuck me.  We fucked really good, maybe like three times!  It was a really hot and unforgettable experience.  We arranged to meet again and did so the next day.  And we repeat it day after day.  Today we have been together for 16 years.  He stayed with me and I with him.

We are now living in Mallorca, Spain.  We decided to venture out and leave Argentina three years ago.  We have lived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, also in small towns in Italy.  Finally moved by advice and recommendations we landed here in Palma de Mallorca.  This island is a paradise.  We enjoy every day here, step by step we become part of this beautiful place.

As we are a couple of many years we share adventures and also conquests.  Here there are some beaches where we can go to experience sex in the open air, enjoy other men and enjoy their charms.  Sometimes, when there is more confidence, we can make dinner at home for those who after dinner want to stay and share the bed with us.

Life as a couple is very interesting when your boyfriend is also a good friend.  I always think that fidelity means not lying, not hiding.  Every person is a world.  We all have our needs and tastes.  No one should ask another person for permission to do what they feel is good for me.  Never hurt, never annoy others, always seek the truth in order to achieve a high standard of living, which does not mean having a lot of money.  You can have a lot of money and be very poor if you only have money. Unlike Buenos Aires, here in Mallorca society is more conservative.  The gay world is a bit hidden.  On the island of Ibiza, very close here, society is more outgoing and gay life has visibly many more places. It is good to do tourism between the islands, you can see the small and big differences between each one.  All the Balearic Islands are true paradises.

It is very quiet in the winter months and you can really enjoy each beach and each place.  Then summer comes and tourism sometimes transforms the usual tranquility.  But how many beautiful people.  Men of many nationalities are walking around the island, on the beach with their little bathing suits, their strong legs and asses.  They are very hot months.  You can enjoy all the views. I highly recommend that you visit this paradise and enjoy the wonders of the island and of the men! We wait for you!