It was a long long time ago when everyone was playing the sims 1 and dancing to the song of las ketchup.

We were young and horny, we didn’t know much about the world, but we knew what to do to put out the fire in our pants.  He was like a horny mongrel who, as soon as he felt the call, he was able to pull my pants down even in the middle of the street. There was no hole or bush in the vicinity that we could squeeze into and indulge in the ecstasy of flesh. Even innocent fun with our band of hide and seek ended with a little sexing in someone else’s basement, among jars of pickles or jam.

Once, with my brother we went to a friend’s apartment and it was a studio apartment with a separate kitchen, bathroom and one room divided in half, so that one room was entered from one room to another. An elderly couple lived in one part, and a friend with his parents in the other.  My friend’s parents didn’t make the bed. This horny dog ​​threw himself on the bed to watch TV and I knew immediately how it would end when he whispered “lie to your side” in  my ear and covered our legs with a quilt. 

My brother and my friend sat next to me staring at the TV. They didn’t even notice when he took off my panties and put his cock up in my ass. It was…good and nervous, cause at any moment the parents or an elderly married couple could enter the room to eat something or use the toilet. Each sound frozen our bodies and excited us even more at the same time. I tried to focus all the time, on the doors, on my brother and buddy, and his hands on my dick and his cock in my ass, covered by my friend’s parents quilt.

Suddenly my friend’s mom came into the room with a plate of sandwiches. “It’s time for a break”, I thought, and when we finally got fed, we’re back to burning calories under the covers. His breathing going faster and faster on the back of my neck, his hands massaging my groin… I don’t remember how many times we had to stop but finally I felt like I was going to cum.  And he felt it because he strengthened his movements and quickened his breathing.  In my head I had only one sentence if someone would enter now, I’ll kill. The doors, brother, friend, and suddenly the darkness and the wave that fills me and go through my body, we came at the same time, on the bed sheets wrapping our bodies. Then my friend’s mom announced that there would be dinner soon, it was a signal to go to homes and jump into the shower.

And it was the weirdest place where I had sex. Unfortunately, we never repeat it again, because for some reason my friend’s parents didn’t let him invite us over again.