“I have always felt like a sex positive person.

Ever since I can remember, sexuality in all its forms has always been a center of interest for me, and I started experimenting with it pretty soon.

Then, during my teenage years, all of that shifted when I realized I was going to be gay for the rest of my life and sort of stifled my innermost desires to appear more acceptable from a societal standpoint. I don’t have an explanation as to why that happened, but that’s just how things went. 

I was an academically successful person, and I sort of built my identity around a more socially conventional image of myself. I loved being identified as a classic man but it also felt like something was missing. I wasn’t fully embracing my sexuality and experimenting enough. 

I came out when I was 16 and have always been comfortable with being gay, but my sex life was, well, kind of boring.

I felt equally attracted to porn actors and celebrities from the 50s like Gary Grant. 

It felt impossible for me to embody the two as good manners are praised while sexuality is shamed. 

I have struggled for years trying to find balance, but that ended up meaning giving up on both extremes and losing myself. I am just now learning how to embrace that duality at age 30, Thanks to a recent, intense relationship I had with a boy that was both elegant and smart but also highly sexual and liberated. 

Today I feel comfortable with who I am and my sex life has never been so unbridled. 

This photoshoot is part of my newfound love for myself, my body and my sexuality. “