In these times where a naked body or naked art becomes more and more a sensitive topic, I try in my pictures to disconnect a body from it’s human aspect. I look at it as some kind of beautiful natural architecture, see how it interferes with a certain surrounding, light or mood. In this way I see myself more as a landscape or interior photographer, not as a portrait photographer. I often warn my models before every shoot; It’s not in my interest to make them look as good as possible, but I’ll search for the most interesting picture. I believe every photographer should have this liberty. I also strongly believe that good pictures are made by a true collaboration between models and photographers. A photo shoot should be like an improvisation exercise with two leading characters. So I avoid giving too much directions to a model, but with sharing my vision on the shoot and photography in general I let them find a way themselves to create something beautiful together with me. It helps to create a deep connection and trust between the model and me, even if it’s only for a short moment. In the end I should not forget that my models put all their trust in me and are willing to present themselves in their most vulnerable state. I couldn’t be more grateful. I just started as a photographer and it’s thanks to them I can learn so much and grow every day.

Photos & Text by _hommete