My friends and I 

During my studies I had the chance to move abroad with the Erasmus program for 6 month. I had big expectations about the destination because I always wanted to appreciate an other culture, somewhere far from home. I was dreaming big : Korea, Australia, India, South America… As the destination was attributed according to your GPA, I ended up being sent to Poland, not even the Capital city, but some city I’ve never even heard about before. I was so pissed about that. I had no acquaintance anymore with Eastern Europe countries because I traveled a lot there when I was younger. I wanted to go somewhere exotic. 

But my school decision was final so I had to go there. 

So I packed, and convinced my parents to drive me there. It was a two day long road trip, driving through France, Belgium, Germany and finally landing in Torun, Poland. They dropped me, drove back and left me in my dorm. The first night was awful. I was supposed to be in a single room but ended up having a roommate.

I was left with no choice but to make friends, which was hard because I was kinda selfish at the time and pretty much a huge jerk to everyone. 

This semester abroad left a huge mark on my mind and my habits. I met of my best friends in Poland. We spent 6 month living with each other, day and night, in some old soviet dormitory, drinking, partying, traveling through the country and certainly not studying. I discovered a lot about myself, opening my mind to a lot of new experiences and people. 

I sure was deceived in the first place by my destination but it ended up being the most satisfying and amazing six month of my life. My best friends are now those I met in Poland, we spend our life together. We travel, we party, we laugh, we love each other. Navigating through life is not hard sometimes, I struggle a lot but with those guys, everything seems easier and simple. I’m grateful for them, I’m grateful for Poland.”