When Lee and I met for the very first, in a bar after arranging it, he stood up and he waited for me to take a seat before he sat down again. What a gent. Unheard of nowadays.

Instantly I was excited and felt very lucky as his gorgeous face looked at me. I relaxed instantly. I think we ended up staying out until 1 or 2 am? Lee said to me, I really want to kiss you. Of course I obliged with a beautiful kiss in the street with no cares given.

The second time we met, he told me a bit about his story and family. Not a lot but a little. I decided there and then that I knew I wanted to pursue him further as I was under the impression him and his wife were dealing with working out how to go about a split. I was also living with my ex at the time due to a rental contract so I thought I understood the situation.

I remember our first kiss on our first date in the road by my car and I’ll never forget it until the day I die.

When Lee and I started to become intimate, I felt something I had never felt in 33 years. My body vibrated and I wanted to squeeze him until we became one being.

He looked at me for so long and just took in my “beauty” he would smile and show how happy he was. I did the same. We would cry that we had met and felt so good.

He looked at me with pride. Like I was the most amazing thing in the world. It made me feel amazing. We would stay up till 5 am talking and kissing and holding each other. We needed each other and we both knew it.

I had just broken up from a 6 year relationship and was about to loose my house and move an hour away. And he had all this pressure at home. He made every effort to still make time for me. I will forever hold hope that we will be together one day. I truly believe we are meant to be.

He made me realize that although I don’t won’t my own biological kids, I would love step kids.

He’s a beautiful soul and I will love him for ever. No matter how much I got hurt. Lee is my soul mate and I am. Never going to find someone that make me feel like that.

I understand Lee needs to experiment, although it hurts but I will be waiting for the call one day from him asking me to pick things up.