I was 12 when I saw a program television talking about dance and I remember myself being completely captured that I spent the whole time looking at it. Then I was 15 going to the theatre to watch an Opera with my parents. I was super excited till the moment the light turned off and the show began, there I got sucked into my chair, I couldn’t move anymore. Everything was perfect like the light, the sound, the costumes ,the dancers, the moves. At the end of the show I said to myself ”maybe I should give it a try”. And I did it but only 4 years later, when the high school ended just because I didn’t want anybody to know and to hurt.you know kids can be a problem if you start to be different , especially if it’s something connected with your sexuality.

I was 19, high school ended and I started feeling more comfortable even with the fact that I was gay but was for me still hard to tell people. Then I entered in a dance studio and there started everything.I started from the beginning, was so funny to do class with small ballerinas. I had a teacher that believed in me and pushed me, no matter how old I was, she always reminded me “you can do it, just force it a bit more but not too much”.

When I was dancing and exercising, I was getting always the same correction from my teacher. She, watching at me dancing, thought always that I was holding myself but she couldn’t figure out what it was. Deep inside of me I knew what it was. It was the real me. I was holding myself just because I was scared to be free and show in that case my homosexuality.

One day, during a private class, she asked me if I had to tell her something. In that moment I didn’t know what to tell her, I started panicking but then I saw in her face the calmness and she showed me that she knew it already, she just wanted me to express it. So I told her and she answered “do you really think this was a problem for me?” smiling me back, and she continues “so next time you will show me what I really wanna see when you dance?”. And the next time I did what she asked me,I understood what I had to push further. Actually not even pushing but just stop holding it and it went way easier than before. I understood and I was not the only one that felt it.

That moment helped me with the block I had and since then slowly I opened up.Dancing helped me in my coming out. Sometime you need to be in the right place at the right moment and small things can change your life. The day before I was struggling on how to start my dance career, then suddenly you meet a person that believes in you and everything opens.Now I work as a professional dancer since many years. So if you want something, go for it.