What goes around comes around, karma, theory of equivalent exchange or whatever you want to call it, is definitely one of my main believes in this world. So for all the positive energy we send out to others in the world you’ll get something good back in return. Same goes for all the bad things! Life’s too short to be nasty to everyone. If you are good to a friend in a dire situation or anyone who actually can use some form of support. They will remember it and when it comes down to it they will gladly help you out as well. Just make sure you aren’t taken advantage off 😉

I used to be very young and naive, maybe I still am a little. I tend to want to see the best in people, I grew up Christian and I was thought to always be good to everyone. This on its own are great believes, but it also made me a people pleaser. Of course helping people out is a great thing, but this can’t be your main goal in life. Nobody likes a sucker who goes along with everything.

When I got bullied, I wouldn’t know how to respond so I let it happen. Of course now I know you need to come up for yourself otherwise it’ll never end and that’s a lesson I learned the hard way. So most of my younger years I had a few single close friends, but they would tend to come and go at some point all be it cause of different reason.

Saying no. When you believe you need to help people as much as possible, cause it’s the right thing to do you never learn to say no. It can be very hard and difficult, but this skill is essential. There are gonna be bad people in life who are going to take advantage of you if you don’t have the guts to say no. This maybe sounds like a longshot.. like what is the worst that could happen right?!

A few months ago I was at Rotterdam Central Station and some girls walked up to me. They were really young and looked trustworthy and were asking for help. Of course I’m not the worst person out there and I’m trying to become more social, so why would I say no? They were really nice and were just in a bad situation and needed a few euros on their account to buy a ticket.. I followed along with their story and gave my phone for a few seconds to them cause they needed to scan a QR code. A few seconds later it was all set and done and it “sadly didn’t work” so we said goodbye and I checked my account at this moment cause it felt a bit strange, but everything seemed in order.. It wasn’t until the day after I noticed I had been scammed.

Having your own opinion about things and knowing what you want is sexy ;). It shows self-confidence and that you aren’t willing to go along with just about anything. I want to travel more and at some point become a professional dancer. These are two things that bring me great joy and make me feel alive. It are two things when you see it or are doing it that make you question things in life and also give you answers. Sometimes you didn’t even know you were wondering or waiting for these answers. If I would have known earlier in life that I liked dancing so much I wonder if I would be a ballet dancer for the national ballet. 

Sometimes something big needs to happen in your life before you realise what it is you want or what your opinion about a subject is. Like let’s say a passing of a loved one, a friend moving away or a break up.. these are things that can shake you till your core and make you wonder everything you thought you knew about life all over again.

I have learned you can have these moments as well by just talking with people. From random strangers on the internet, or that one friend you met at a party through another friend and is hilarious but always seems tipsy, to your closest friends. Sometimes it’s even easier to ask a complete stranger since you could hurt a close friend or the other way around. But in the end if you are honest about how you feel, in the end your TRUE friends will stick around and those are the ones worth fighting for. Just in-between don’t take your friends for granted! Back to the story, if you know something is up or you are not comfortable with how things are going, ALWAYS TALK ABOUT IT!