Excerpts From an Anniversary Letter.

I’m lucky enough to remember that night I fell in love with you. It was quiet at the beginning of our relationship in the mid April the night before I flew to Crete.

I was at your place, we were chatting and I remember I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. At some point, I realized I was almost staring, and I had to make an effort to look away.

We went to Kalimarmaro, worked out, and on the way back there was some sort of book festival. We walked and looked at the stands with books. There was a lot of people, and at some point you held my hand and asked if that was ok. I loved that moment, it was so natural and simple yet intimate.

I can’t forget our first night in Barcelona, when we were in the car driving back to the city with Charli XCX blasting in our ears. In that moment, I felt something I had already felt with you, I felt I was the most fortunate guy, because I had found this Greek guy from Crete with whom I was having so much fun and who was changing my world.

Later that night, on the teras of the tiny apartment that we rented, we smoked, we talked about ourselves, the fears we have, the emotions we go through and the things we don’t understand. I have had some truly magical moments with you when we listen to music and chat about ourselves, our lives, our feelings, and how we are seeing things in these past months, I’ve learned to love you for who you are, and not for whatever idea I had in my mind of what a relationship is supposed to look like.

I don’t think that the perfect relationship exists and I believe the head of us we may find challenging times, but I also want to think that whatever comes we are going to be able to talk about it and find a way out. I love you and I look forward to celebrating more anniversaries together.

Tuyo, Marc