I’m a very sexual person, mostly bottom. I’m horny most of the time and I got a lot of kinks and fetishes.

I’m very into sportswear and sneakers (especially heavy used, white sneakers), dirty sox, rubber, masks, anonymous sex, sex in public, sex in clubs, deepthroat/gagging.

But my biggest fetish is piss. Not really collecting piss in a bottle and drinking it during the day, more drinking fresh from the tab. If the the top wants, I can drink every drop, no matter if its white or very strong piss. My biggest turn on is getting pissed on in public. Mouth / face / clothes, love being drenched in piss.

One night last winter, I walked home from dinner with friends and got a message on Grindr while walking. A fuck buddy of mine texted, who is a total top and loves to use me as his personal cumdump and toilet. He’s a tattoo artist from France, tall, fit body, a lot of tattoos and face tattoos (even more like me) and a big slut. He told me that a friend of his from Tel Aviv is visiting and that they were talking about me and that his friend wants to use me with him together. I was actually close to their place, but we couldn’t meet there, bc they had more friends over and I had not enough time to take them to my place and play for longer. So I told them we’re gonna meet outdoor, near their place for a quick sucking.

When I showed up, I could see them already waiting and smoking in a dark corner in a side street near my friends place. My fuck buddy’s friend was a bit shorter then us, very buff, big shoulders, dark hair and eyes.

They immediately took out their already rock hard dicks, I got on my knees and they started fucking my throat. I could feel how horny they were bc they kept fucking my throat even when is was gagging hard. My friend came first deep in my throat, then the Israeli all over my face. It was a huge load, bc I could feel the cum dripping down my face and neck. I was about to get up when my friend pushed me down and said that we’re not ready yet and before I could even think of what happens next, the Israeli started pissing a huge load of piss all over me. My friend joined in and they both pissed a gigantc fountain of piss in my face, mouth and all over my clothes. I thought the’d never stop, they clearly had a lot of beers before. It was so much piss, that even my shoes were piss wet after. My bomber jacket, my grey sweatshirt, everything was drenched in piss.