My name is Timmi – a freelance photographer based in Berlin and an analogue enthusiast.

I got my first analog camera when I was 11 years old. A very common „Canon-Prima BF 7 Janosch Design“ from 1995. For my Dad photography was a very important thing during his whole life. Always on the run – always with his camera. He took photos almost every day – our apartment was full of materials, cameras and films. I guess I got infected with his love for photography when I was young. But when I started high school it stopped immediately.

Digital photography was the new big thing starting in the late 90’s – early 2000’s and I hated it.

After high school I studied fashion design and founded my own fashion brand.

I was presenting my collections in Berlin and Paris, had my own studio and showroom and hired very good photographers for my look books and backstage photos during my shows. Everything worked well but I wasn’t happy, which is not surprising because the fashion industry is a bitch. When I was 32 I decided to end my fashion career.

I was lost and broke for a few months but I was literally sitting in tons of cameras at the same time. After 6 months of overthinking I combined both parts of my life : fashion and photography. Long story short – I became a self-educated backstage and fashion photographer a few years ago. 

In early 2019 I started my side project „Gods and Boys“. This project have an specific purpose for me: I have to gain the trust of strangers and also learn to communicate and work on a very personal level. Naked situations are very vulnerable and demand intimacy and trust. It trains my social skills when I meet guys for this project.

I also study the human body, how it reacts to light and shadows. I experiment with perspectives and new material like film-camera combinations or use different lenses. In the end I use „Gods and Boys“ for a rehearsal for money jobs. But especially for my Instagram feed it’s all about the perfect imperfect look. I hate staged photos, perfect poses or perfect studio light. I like available light and tiny moments between two poses when my subject doesn’t think about anything for once.

My feed is like a mixed diary of polished portraits and sexual snapshots without having sex with the guys. A mix of high end cameras and disposable shit cameras which are main tools of my work : disposable cameras or cheap point and shoot cameras have their own special look. In this case it’s not about available light or a nice sensual portrait. This is real and ‘in your face’ and includes always very personal moments of my own. Like body parts or perspectives. „Always capturing the perfect moment, not the perfect look“ that works for my money job and my #younggods.