‘In the shadows’ is a collection of images that I have been creating since 2018. Photography has allowed me to create links with other people, rediscovering my sexuality, helping to explore my hidden desires and fantasies. This project began as a hobby, at first I made these images because it caused me a lot of pleasure and I morbid photographing couples while giving free rein to their passions. With the passage of time I began to make sense of my photographs, I was capturing the pleasure in a very direct way, which awakened the animal sense that I had inside me
The morbidity is defined by the RAE as an alteration of health, an unhealthy interest that goes against what is allowed, however the sensation of seeing the forbidden, giving free rein to my senses and exploring the bodies is the main engine and the basis of this project. —- By Pedro Mantegazza

Twitter: @erosfanzine

Instagram: @instantes.pp